Sunday, June 7, 2015

Singapore Study Trip

hey reader,

sorry for not up to date post.. well been busy with assignment and stuff.. Would like to take this opportunity to show my trip pictures! This is my first oversea study trip! Was very memorable and fun! even thou I previously stayed in Singapore for a year. Here is our first day!

Not to miss out... i spend my whole trip with both of them! of course as usual we always try to make stupid jokes n had the max fun! picture taken in airport! happy people ready for fun! 

SOTA building.. I m amaze by the architecture how the building was construct and lots of greenery as well.. I had a glimpse inside its very open space as all the ceilings r very high which pretty windy inside.. 

I had forgotten what this structure call. I remember its was from a famous artist and I read the book before. aiks.. not that good memory..

This is a structure of very high ceiling after we came out from MRT.. This was pretty good idea that it uses the maximum  natural light and to add there were water flowing on top of the tempered glass probably to cool down the temperature.. I think this was a very good consideration on making this structure! 

Our first visit was Singapore art museum! Been there few times back in the days when I m in Singapore cos they hold pretty good events! Non the less, they always change the art which i find it very interesting! The theme was After Utopia on that day. 

Here is the museum. Very satisfy how my camera can capture the panorama view! As i learn this museum used to be a church where u can see the feature on the building. Well preserve place. 

After our museum, we thought of going garden by the bay end up it was too late so we went to straits quay instead. On our way, we went to Lau Pa Sat to have our dinner. Here is the place with nice ceiling structure! 

Here is the straits quay! very nice structure of ceiling as the lights will change.

Our Second day of our trip! went to Universal Studio. Very exited about it. 

Happy kid about to explore the place! =)

Below here is all the pictures of inside Universal Studio. I like every place had its own theme and very cool architecture.

Not to miss out we had our pic with the castle! 

Here is our group pic. 

After our fun time, I brought two of my friends to explore marina bay! we had an amazing view from esplanade. Very inspiring art installation around and cool lighting around the place. We miss out the light show.

View of high finance buildings. Even thou I came here many times but it still takes my breath away when I m there. 

On our way back, manage to capture Fullerton Hotel. Very historical and well preserve look. 

 After two days of walking non stop, on the third day we just chill at orchard area. Here is the shopping mall.
Reminds of Frank Gehry building. Its nice to see the structure of the building could have a big wave design. 

Here is a more edge type.

The interior of the building.

On our way back, manage to capture this view. This is SMU university. I like how the streets were surrounded with trees and greenery which create the shade for the pedestrian. 

Last group picture before leaving Singapore.! 

We had lots of fun exploring and study the structure the building in Singapore. That's all for now. =)