Sunday, July 24, 2016

Final Portfolio - Advance Interior Design Practice 1

Phase 1
Phase 1 is a study of site where I learn to explore on the site condition, culture and tradition. Based on the exploration I able to identify the issue of the area and environment. The site is located at Petaling Street where is flooded with tourist during the day for the flee market. The site is very convenient as transportation is easy to access. 

Phase 2

In this phase, I research on what programme I am looking into my space. Based on the culture of the site, coffee is one of the most basic culture among local there therefore my CCC was infusing the coffee process into the space. The whole process from plantation to cook coffee beans were include in the programme to allow local and international people to come join the activities at the same time to learn where coffee came originated. Precedent study had been done to include in the programme to come out with the ideal space and design.

Above are the whole ideal of space design and zoning. 

After space zoning and model study, overall design had been done into the building provided. All the elements of design and space are based on the precedent study and activities programming.

Phase 3

Finally overall space and design had been done on the final board.