Monday, November 7, 2016

Final Stage

On Sunday we head out as early as 8am to Kompleks Penyayang Bakti which is located at Bandar Sri Damansara. Our journey took around half and hour. All of us gather there and start moving our tools and items out from the car. We start our work by clearing and trimming the grass as we wanted the whole place look neat and tidy. As we do not have tools for trimming the grass therefore we used our bare hand to plug the grass. We clear the place within an hour while waiting for one of our team member to arrived as she transport all the flower pots and plants, wood plank and brick stone to here.

After she arrived we carry all the items out from the car. As all of our team members are girls it was a heavy duty to carry such heavy item. We were very proud that we were strong enough to carry all the things. I started arranging all the water bottles on the floor accordingly while most of them arranged some plants into the bottles. There were few of our members doing the furniture while most of us arrange the plants. It was such an experience doing gardening as most of us are not experience in doing it. Moreover one of our member also bring some coffee as fertilizer for the plants. As we were doing the work we had our great time talking and sharing with each other. Other than that, there were few children watching us and they seem to very interested on our activities. One of them even volunteer to help out with the work. The children were very happy and playful as they talk to us.

 Picture 1.1 Trimming the grass

  Picture 1.2. Trimming the grass

   Picture 1.3. Trimming the grass

   Picture 1.4. Children helping out

Picture 1.5. Arranging bottles

Picture 1.6. Carrying stone brick out from the car

Picture 1.7. Carrying stone brick out from the car

Picture 1.8. Carrying stone brick out from the car

Picture 1.9. Try out on arranging the plants and flower together

Picture 1.10. Try out on arranging the plants and flower together

Picture 1.11. Start to get hands dirty arranging

Picture 1.12. Me and my team member arranging flowers

Picture 1.13 Try to separate the plants from the soil

Picture 1.14. Putting cement to attach both brick stone

Picture 1.15. Lacquer the wood plank

Picture 1.16. Drying the wood plank

Some of our team members went out to take away food for all of us as we do not want to waste time going back and font. We had an hour break before we start our work again. We started to hang the water bottles attach to the roof structure of gazebo. We hang the bottle plants by nailing it to the structure to strengthen the rope. We encounter a problem when we first hang the bottle as it was too heavy and afraid it will fall. Then we started to reduce the soil placing in the bottle so it will not weight too heavy. While we hanging the plants we waited for the wood plank to dry up so we could place the wood as a seat on top of the brick stone. We end up pushing the tree trunk as a table to place it beside our beautiful outdoor bench. Finally we clean up the place and throw all the rubbish away. All bottles covered with soil and dirty were clean using cloth. Further more we add on the wood below the rope of bottle plants so it will not move around. We clean up and sweep the place tidy before we left the place. 

Picture 2.1. Cleaning and fixing the bottle plants

Picture 2.2. Bottle plants

Picture 2.3. Bottle plants

Picture 2.4. Bottle plants

Picture 2.5. Bottle plants hanging on gazebo

Picture 2.6. Fixing the rope

Picture 2.7. Fixing the rope

Picture 2.8. Fixing the rope

Picture 2.9. Cleaning up 

Picture 2.10. Children trying to help 

Picture 2.11. Fixing the wood plank with the help of children

Picture 2.12. Moving tree trunk to the side of the bench

Picture 2.13. Cleaning up the floor

Picture 2.14. Sweeping the floor 

Most of the time while we were working, there were people came to visit us and ask us questions especially children. We had a great and fun time interacting with them and enjoying our community service at the same time. During this journey I learn how to work among team members and enable me to boost my leadership in my role during my duty. I learn that little things do cheer up someone like how we carry out the work on the site where all children were in fact very welcoming and happy to have us around talking with them.  Finally we had our photo session before we leave the place. It was a great experience and honor that I able to contribute to the society. 
Picture 3.1. Complete plants decoration and outdoor furniture

Picture 3.2. Children enjoying the outdoor furniture

Picture 3.3. Group photo overall look of gazebo with bottle plants

Picture 3.4. Group photo with outdoor furniture

 "Community service has taught me all kinds of skills and increased my confidence. You go out there and think on your feet, work with others and create something from nothing. That's what life's is all about. " - Andrew Shue

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