Monday, November 7, 2016

Preparation & Progress

We start our day early morning to had our breakfast before we start our work. We brought our stuff and water bottles to our studio to work. Firstly we rinse and clean up all the water bottles. We had our short discussion to separate the work task. There were few of them marking the water bottles to get the correct measurements before passing to another members to drill a hole. Then some of us cut the water bottle according the opening. While other of the members wipe the water inside the bottle before spraying colour onto the water bottles. We spend few hours on the task as we need to prepare at least 60 water bottles and of course we did few extra just in case.

Picture 1.1. Cleaning and rising the water bottles

Picture 1.2. Wipe and arrange accordingly

Picture 1.3. Group discussion

Picture 1.4. Marking the water bottles

Picture 1.5. Draw the cutting line

Picture 1.6. Marking the water bottles

 Picture 1.7. Marking the water bottles

Picture 1.8. Drilling a hole onto the water bottle

Picture 1.9. Cutting out accordingly

 Picture 1.10. Spraying

  Picture 1.11. Spraying

  Picture 1.12. Spraying

  Picture 1.13. Spraying

   Picture 1.14. Picture of me spraying second layer

Picture 1.15. Leave it to dry

It was very satisfying to see the outcome of the beautiful and colourful water bottles. During the process I get to learn how to work among big group of team members and having positive energy to keep us moving. After we had done spraying, we went for late lunch while waiting for the water bottles to dry.  

After we came back from lunch we had our short discussion on how we could arrange according to colour and tie them up. As usual we were separate into our own task, as I was cutting the rope all according to size and others were measuring the distance of bottles before trying them. Even though it look simple but we spend a lot of time correcting the length and tying to make it firm so it will hold the weight of the plants. I even made mistake on trying incorrectly, luckily my other team members point out before I proceed. During the process, all of us were helping each other even though we had our own task to complete. Finally we completed our work by 8pm. 

Picture 2.1. Bottle arrangement

Picture 2.2. Cutting rope

Picture 2.3. Discussion on the length of the rope

Picture 2.4. Tying accordingly 

Picture 2.5. Working together

Picture 2.6. Arrange accordingly 

After we had tie the water bottles then we arranged it all on the floor according to the colour we plan out so we can pack it separately and to avoid string tangle together. It was a tiring day as we spend whole day preparing all the water bottles. We were so excited for the day to set up all. 

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