Monday, November 7, 2016

Site Visit & Buying materials

After we finalize our slide presentation, few of our group members accompany by our lecturer went to Kompleks Penyayang Bakti to present our idea on doing the plastic bottle plants and outdoor furniture. It was approved by the person in-charge as they love the idea on having more plants around the gazebo. Moreover our members also went there to measure the site and took some pictures. They also went to visit cafeteria area where another group were in charge of painting and decorating the place. Below are the pictures of our group members meeting the person in-charge and site visit.

Picture 1.1. Discussion

Picture 1.2. Measuring the site

Picture 1.3. Measuring the site

Picture 1.4. Transportation

Picture 1.5. Indoor cafeteria 

Picture 1.6. Indoor cafeteria 

After our members came back from the site, we had our group outing to hunt for materials we need to buy to do our work. At the meantime, we always go around to collect recycle 1.5L plastic bottle as we need at least 60 plastic bottles for our plants but we end up collecting more than 100 plastic bottles!

On Friday we gather in University in the morning before we head out to our destination. First of all we went to the hardware shop to get few materials like rope, spray paint, nails etc.. Then we head off to buy plants and flower nearby. Of course we bargain the best price we could get before deciding to buy. Then we went to buy some cement and soil to put on the stone brick for the outdoor furniture. We even choose the best wood plank for the seat which is more costly. 

Picture 2.1. Choosing colour to spray

Picture 2.2. Buying plants & flowers

Picture 2.3. Bargaining for good price

Picture 2.4. Buying cement and soil

Picture 2.5. Discussion

Picture 2.6. Choosing wood plank

Finally we end our day with short discussion on what to bring for our next meeting for preparation on spraying water bottles and how to tie and arrange them accordingly. It was a very tiring day as we need to travel places to places to get all the materials. At the same time we had fun exploring all kind of materials and ideas on doing it. 

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